How you can access “full air traffic control” behind-the-scenes videos

Over the years I’ve amassed a lot of content recorded in the cockpit of my flights, a lot of which never makes it to YouTube. I like to keep the aviation vlogs on my channel entertaining and informative and to try and focus on a story rather than simply document what goes on inside the cockpit.

However, I know how useful it can be to listen to and watch other pilots flying and making Air Traffic Control radio calls. I still do that after 12 years of flying, I find it a great way to prepare myself for certain flights and see how other pilots handle situations that I might also get into.

Which is why I’ve launched a new membership section of my channel where you can access a growing library of flying videos with minimal editing, to listen to all the ATC radio calls I make when flying and see how I execute my own flights.

How to access the members-only section

To access these videos, click the new JOIN button on the channel. You’ll be prompted to pay a small monthly fee and once you’ve accepted that you can access “members-only” content on the channel. Click on the “Community” tab to see the latest videos that I post to the members-only section of the channel.

Who is this for?

If you’re a student pilot, or have been flying for a while and want to hear how I execute my flights by listening to Air Traffic Control radio calls, then you may find this content useful. If you’re into aviation and want to know what happens inside the cockpit when flying in Australia (and other countries) then I think you’ll enjoy these new videos.

BUT – If you enjoy my vlogs and like watching my aviation and travel stories, but you’re not that worried about getting more detail about what happens inside the cockpit, then this might not be for you. Of course I’ll continue to make free content on YouTube and would love you to continue enjoying those videos.

Topics include:

  • flying in controlled airspace
  • popular scenic flights
  • IFR flights in and out of international airports
  • VFR flights at uncontrolled airports
  • plus lots of overseas flying content from my Round The World trip from July 2020 onwards

The new member-only videos are going to be produced in addition to the existing content on the channel. So if you like things the way they are, move along, nothing more to read here 🙂

But if you’re struggling with radio calls, or just want to get more detail of what it’s like in the cockpit, and want to watch how I fly my aircraft on the adventures I make on YouTube, then check out the new member’s section here.

Why am I charging a fee?

If you’re wondering why I’ve decided to add paid content to the channel, well it’s pretty simple really – the flying I do is expensive and in particular I am spending a lot of my own funds on this Round The World trip. So I’m looking for ways that I can help cover some of those expenses whilst hopefully offering you something valuable in return. The membership fee income therefore helps me continue to make videos for the channel, so thank you in advance for wanting to support my work.

Once again, if you’re not interested in these new videos then there’s no need to become a member, the regular channel won’t change. This is all new content, aimed at those who want to get more detail on how I fly and how I make my radio calls. It’s totally your choice if you want to join, but if you choose not to, you won’t notice any difference on the channel.

Want more info? Watch the video here

Thank you

If you’ve already become a member and are reading this, THANK YOU! Your support means so much to me, please let me know here in the comments or in the member section on YouTube if there’s any other types of content you’d like to see.


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