Every Airport Challenge – Victoria

Because we’re all having to stay closer to home right now I’ve been missing travelling in my aircraft. I was starting to run out of ideas of places to go that weren’t in another country (or even just in another state) and was getting a little down about only being able to go to the same local airports over and over again.

It was my wife’s idea to be fair. She was the one who suggested I had everything I need in my own backyard to get me out and exploring again, something to do on those days when I have some spare time and want to go see new places.

So thanks to her, I’ve set myself the goal of being able to say I’ve landed at every airport in my home state of Victoria before the end of 2021.

For the purposes of this challenge an ‘airport’ is considered a certified aerodrome by CASA. So I won’t be taking into account private landing strips or uncertified airports. That would make the list too long, and some of them I may not be able to get my aircraft into anyway. So I’m just counting those airports open to General Aviation aircraft with a CASA certification.

Keep an eye on this page to see updates through the year, you can use the interactive map below to see where I’ve been and where I still need to head to.

I’d love to hear any tips or advice you may have on this challenge as well – use the comments field below.

The Rules (or What determines a ‘Landing’)

  1. I must land the aircraft myself
  2. I must come to a complete stop and taxi off the runway onto the apron
  3. A missed approach or a touch and go does not count as a landing

Current status (updated: 26th Feb 2021)

I have currently landed at 23 out of 43 airports = 53%

Map of Victorian Airports I’ve landed at

Zoom in and out and click on airports on this interactive map. Green are ones I’ve visited so far, red are ones I still need to land at.

List of Victorian Airports – Table

Ararat AirportYARAPublic
Avalon AirportYMAVPublic
Bairnsdale AirportYBNSPublic
Ballarat AirportYBLTPublic
Benalla AirportYBLAPublic
Bendigo AirportYBDGPublic
Birchip AirportYBIRPublic
Corryong AirportYCRGPublic
Donald AirportYDODPublic
Echuca AirportYECHPublic
Essendon AirportYMENPublic
Hamilton AirportYHMLPublic
Hopetoun AirportYHPNPublic
Horsham AirportYHSMPublic
Kerang AirportYKERPublic
Kyneton AirportYKTNPrivate
Latrobe Valley AirportYLTVPublic
Leongatha AirportYLEGPublic
Mallacoota AirportYMCOPublic
Mangalore AirportYMNGPublic
Melbourne AirportYMMLPublic
Mildura AirportYMIAPublic
Moorabbin AirportYMMBPublic
Mount Hotham AirportYHOTPrivate
Nhill AirportYNHLPublic
Orbost AirportYORBPublic
Portland AirportYPODPublic
RAAF Base East SaleYMESMilitary
RAAF WilliamsYMPCMilitary
Robinvale AirportYROIPublic
Saint Arnaud AirportYSTAPublic
Shepparton AirportYSHTPublic
Stawell AirportYSWLPublic
Swan Hill AirportYSWHPublic
Tooradin AirfieldYTDNPrivate
Tyabb AirportYTYAPrivate
Wangaratta AirportYWGTPublic
Warracknabeal AirportYWKBPublic
Warrnambool AirportYWBLPublic
West Sale AirportYWSLPublic
Wycheproof AirportYWYFPublic
Yarram AirportYYRMPublic
Yarrawonga AirportYYWGPublic

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  1. That’s a fabulous idea! Looking forward to watching all your videos on this. Maybe you could tag each airport with how good the coffee and snacks are from the nearest shop or cafe? Something simple like none/decent/good. Or maybe give each airport an official Steph title, like ‘home base’, ‘the one with the big, shady tree at the end of the runway’, ‘the one near Edgar’s Mission’, or whatever other oddly specific thing you notice about it.

  2. If you fly into Benalla make sure you check out the aviation museum which is open on Wednesday and Sunday. They have a fb page also Adventure flights operate from Benalla.

    Message me if you plan to come to Benalla

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