Crosswind landing in the Cirrus SR20

On a blustery day in Melbourne I decided to take the Cirrus SR20 (VH-TDS) up for some circuit practise. I brought along Mike Walden, head of Walden Aviation Services and my original Cirrus Standardised Instructor Pilot (CSIP) who did my Cirrus transition last year.

Weather conditions were pretty good, but the 14Kt crosswind from around 40 degrees to our left gave me some opportunities to practise my crosswind landing method.

The circuit in the Cirrus is flown in the same way to any aircraft of course, but the faster speeds (100Kts downwind, 90 on base, 80 on final) mean staying ahead of the aircraft is even more important here.

The circuits were flown at Moorabbin Airport in Victoria, aircraft was hired through Blue Demon Aviation. Mike was also travelling with me as a passenger, I was logging the hours as Pilot In Command (PIC) and Mike was just providing his thoughts based on his Cirrus experience, not instructing on this occasion.

Video: Watch crosswind landing in the Cirrus SR20

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