Class D procedures at Bankstown Airport

I did most of my training out of Bankstown Airport in Sydney, an airport which relies on Class D procedures to get aircraft safely in and out of the Controlled Traffic Region (CTR). However for those pilots that train outside of a controlled aerodrome, some of these procedures may be a little unfamiliar.

Therefore I shot a video to show a departure from Bankstown Airport and some of the inbound reporting procedures. This shows our clearance to take off, our inbound report at the VFR reporting point, clearance to enter Class D airspace and our instructions for arrival onto runway 29R at Bankstown Airport in Sydney.

Class D procedures video at Bankstown Airport

The flight was filmed in a Robin R2160 hired through Red Baron. If you’re after aerobatic experiences or flight training I’d recommend you check them out.

VERY IMPORTANT: I am a private pilot and am NOT qualified to give flying instruction. This video, like all videos on my site and YouTube channel, has been significantly edited from the original source footage and is provided for entertainment purposes only. Many radio calls and procedures have been omitted. If you have any questions about anything you see or hear, please speak to a Certified Flying Instructor first.

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