[VIDEO] Aerobatic flight – loops, stall turns, wingovers, slow rolls and barrel rolls

Had another aerobatic training flight today in the Robin R2160. This time we were focussing on tidying up my stall turns and slow rolls and adding them into sequences.

Key learnings were:

  1. MORE POSITIVE on the rudder (still). Getting better at slow rolls but still need more rudder input at the 1/4 and 3/4 positions.
  2. Pitch-up higher on barrel rolls so I’m not pushing negative-g to get round inverted
  3. More positive rudder input and chop the power a little later than usual on stall turns to get the nose round neatly.

Also got signed off for solo slow rolls after this flight, so that’s 3 of the 4 required maneuvers for the CASA aerobatic rating now complete.

Sequences shown are:
1) Wingover – loop – stall turn
2) Loop – stall turn – wingover
3) A few more stall turns
4) Slow rolls
5) Loop – stall turn (a very flat one) – barrel roll – wingover- slow roll

Next lesson we’ll be adding slow rolls into loops to start on maneuvers like roll off the top and half cubans. But next flight for me will be some more solo practise to work on finessing slow rolls, stall turns and barrel rolls.

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