Formation flying with the Red Baron Pitts

I got a taste of fomation flying today as we flew out to the training area alongside the school’s Pitts special that was taking a customer out for a joy flight.

Matt (my instructor) handled the formation take-off and climb-out then handed over and had me follow Chris in the Pitts as we climbed from 2,500 – 4,000′. Some footage of the takeoff below:

It was bloody hard.

I’ve not had to fly in such a precise way before. Flying the ‘echelon’ by maintaining a line from Chris’s spinner through his wingstrut to our aircraft whilst also keeping his wheels on the horizon (and then worrying about flying my own plane at the same time) was quite a lesson in coordination.

Lots of fun though and great experience. Plus an exercise that has further grown my respect for those pilots who fly formation aerobatics.

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