Aerobatics practise with loops, barrel rolls, stall turns and slow rolls

It’s been over a year since I flew a plane upside down, let alone tried a competition loop or tried to keep my lines sharp on a hammerhead. So whilst I was in Sydney over Christmas I booked an aerobatics refresher flight with Red Baron Flight Training to shake off some rust.

We started with some basic loops, then a few stall turns, then barrel rolls, then started putting a few manoeuvres together. Towards the end of the flight we consolidated everything into a full sequence of all 5 manoeuvres.

After a year of flying the “right” way up, and several months in the comfortable Cirrus, after about 40 minutes of aerobatics my body decided it had enjoyed enough positive and negative G-forces for one morning, so we called it a day and went home.

Aerobatics practise video

VERY IMPORTANT: This video has been edited for brevity and entertainment purposes and none of the manoeuvres or instruction shown in this video should be used for anything other than entertainment. If you’re interested in aerobatics and have questions or want to give it a go yourself, please contact Red Baron who are the experts in this field.

Aircraft was VH-ZXY a Robin hired through Red Baron. Instructor was Chief Pilot and Aerobatic Champion Joel Haski.

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