Aerobatics, a pilot’s eye view, head mounted GoPro

I thought I’d give head mounting my GoPro a trial today for an aerobatic practise flight. I’m not all that happy with the result to be honest. Either I mounted the camera incorrectly (most likely explanation) or head mounting isn’t the best view for aerobatic flight. Either way, the resulting view isn’t as good as when the camera is mounted behind my head in the cockpit on a fixed mount in my opinion.

The flight was fun though as always, practising a wingover into a loop, then a few steep turns. The one I’ve left on the video here for you to laugh at has me coming over the top as flat as a pancake and not really getting round at all.

Barrel rolls are coming along a bit better and I’m happy with my wingovers.

Anyway, enjoy the video, let me know if you have any comments/feedback. The aircraft is a Robin R2160 operated by Red Baron Flight Training in Sydney.

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