Aviation Podcast now available in iTunes

Every week I host a live conversation with special guests on Instagram called “In The Lounge”. It’s around 45 minutes, and is a very informal chat with fellow aviators and travellers talking about their backgrounds, what their involvement with aviation or travel is, and advice for listeners who may want to follow similar paths.

You can watch the replays of In The Lounge on my Instagram TV account after the live recording, but a few of you asked if I could put these into podcast format to listen to at a later date.

So I’ve setup The Stef747 Podcast available on this website or through iTunes currently where you can listen to the live conversations in their original raw format when you’re out on a run, or driving to the airport, or relaxing on a plane, sitting by a pool… you get the idea. It’s a podcast, you already know what that is.

How often does a new podcast come out?

Right now I’m releasing a weekly episode which is based around the Instagram Live In The Lounge episodes. These are usually recorded midweek and released as a podcast on a Friday, or sooner if I can get the edit done quicker.

Where do I find the podcast?

Episodes are added to this website via the podcast feed here: http://www.stef747.com/feed/podcast

Apple Users: you can subscribe to the podcast through Apple Podcasts here.

EDIT: Spotify users can now listen in Spotify Podcasts here.

Why can’t I find the podcast in my app?

If you’re using another podcast app and can’t see the podcast there please let me know in the comments below. I’ll try and add it to as many places as I can as more episodes are released.


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