20K subscriber giveaway – iPad Mini + AvPlan and Airportag Gift Card

Last week my YouTube channel passed 20,000 subscribers. This was a huge milestone for me and I wanted to celebrate by giving a little back to all of you who have given your time and attention to me over the last year and a half.

I’ve decided to do two giveaways to celebrate. One for the private pilots out there, and one for the travellers. But of course, you can enter both even if you’re not a pilot or traveller, or either, or neither. You get the idea.

Win an iPad Mini + 1 year’s full AvPlan EFB

Firstly I’m giving away an iPad Mini and a year’s full subscription to AvPlan EFB thanks to the awesome team at AvPlan. AvPlan is the application I’ve used for a while now, it was the electronic flight bag app that I used on my Outback Adventure earlier this year and continues to be my go-to app for flight planning and for use in the cockpit.

Combined with an Apple iPad Mini which gives me the speed and power I need but also in a compact size, and for me it’s the perfect combination.

To enter the competition go to the link below and make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel. This will then open up additional ways to win like following me on Twitter or Instagram, sharing the competition with friends, etc. Good luck!

iPad Mini + AvPlan competition: https://gleam.io/a7i7I/20k-subscriber-giveaway-ipad-mini-4-avplan-efb

Win an Airportag Gift Card

I love the Airportag website, they have way too many tempting products all with a strong travel theme. You can get t-shirts, hats, accessories, iPhone cases, and more all with aviation themes. You can also customise some products (like making your own boarding pass t-shirt with your local airports and your own name) or pick up gear with your home airport IATA code. Very cool

Airportag have kindly given me a gift card to give away, you just need to enter the competition on their site and they’ll draw one winner.

Airportag gift card competition: https://airportag.com/blogs/news/stefan-drury-and-airportag-giveaway

Terms and details and conditions and stuff

Both competitions close on November 18th at midnight Melbourne time (181300 UTC). Not open to friends or family members (sorry Jacqui) and you can enter both competitions at the same time. If by some tiny probability your name is drawn for both competitions, I’ll get in touch and see which prize you’d prefer then redraw the other one, just to ensure we have two winners to spread the love a little. Check out the additional terms on the Airportag competition page and please remember fair use and be nice and all that.

20K Giveaway video

I made a video on it as well, it has party poppers…

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