About Me (stef747)

Hello. I’m Stefan Drury, aka stef747. You may know me from my YouTube channel, but if not…

I wear a few hats – YouTuber, pilot, traveller, techhie, expat Brit living in Australia. I make movies on YouTube for viewers to learn about the world of aviation, to get travel tips and ideas, learn about gear and gadgets, to follow my adventures, and hopefully have a bit of fun along the way.

I also make mini-series of longer adventures I have like my trip to Longreach last year, the home of Qantas. Or my recent Sun ‘N Fun Airshow series travelling across the world and covering the airshow in daily vlogs each filmed, edited, and uploaded within 24 hours.

As a pilot, I fly a Cirrus SR22 out of Moorabbin Airport. I’ve compiled a list of FAQs here, if you want to know more about the flying side of my life as well.

Colabs, Media & Brand Enquiries

If you’re a YouTuber or a brand and are looking for collaboration or sponsorship opportunities, or if you’re running an event and would like me to come along and cover it on my channel, check out my media kit below. This gives you some key stats on my audience, plus some more information on my brand.

Recently I’ve made videos with with Airservices Australia, the CSIRO, and Sun ‘N Fun in the USA.

Product reviews

If you want to send me something to review/use, please note I will only give my honest opinion on it on camera, but I’m always keen to try new tech, aviation, or travel products that could benefit my viewers. Shoot it to me here:

Stefan Drury
Armadale North

Download Stef’s media kit

Download PDF

If you’re keen to talk further, shoot me an email at support@flydigital.com.au and let’s chat.